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Peony Luxury Candle


Items must be purchased separately, but will be shipped together

Perhaps you're familiar with Masaru Emoto's experiment with the water crystals?  If not, his findings are, in short, that you should hold only good thoughts in your head.


That's just how these are made.  You can tell that someone was in love with and dialed into their making.  I can tell you that someone was me.


And if you don't believe the results of Masaru Emoto's study, well, that's ok too. You don't need to believe in a talisman in order for it to work.


Gold rim on white glass with jute twine. Apricot-coconut blend wax.  Cotton wick.  80 hr burn.  Reusable glass tumbler.  Comes in matte gift box with coveted VER matches.  A scent throw to send you to the moon.

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