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Reishi Detox Bath is perfect for times of high stress or when your body needs a sense of balance. A healing spa for mind, body, and spirit.  Elevate your "me time" with a powerful detox cocktail for your skin designed to flush toxins, clarify, and smooth to help you look your best.  This multitasking mixture is loaded with reishi, bentonite clay, and laminaria digitata — powerful players in improving your wellness.  

Reishi nourishes with antioxidants, reduces inflammation, and combats skin afflictions. Bentonite clay, a negatively charge volcanic ash, literally pulls positively charged toxins (such as mercury and lead) out of your pores.  Laminaria digitata, a brown sea kelp, is rich in vitamins, minerals, and alginic acid, seeks to renew your skin, while fighting the appearance of sagging, dry skin, and cellulite. This trio is strengthened with magnesium sulfate, sea salt, and a harmony of essential oils, to create a healthy, youthful look, and hydrated glow.

To use: Dissolve 1/4 cup in warm bath and bathe for 20 minutes.  Rinse.  Drink plenty of water before and after, to support the detoxifying process.  Enjoy weekly, or as you like.


Reishi Detox Bath