Reishi Face Oil gives your  face an instant supercharge and the ultimate rejuvenation — for clean, smooth skin that you just can’t stop touching.  Its intoxicating blend of essential oils may just make your skincare routine a meditation in motion.


Fortified with a high content of nourishing components like beta-glucans, reishi is truly remarkable in skincare. Studies show beta-glucans (natural immunity enhancers) are 20% more hydrating than collagen and elastin at the same concentration.  This is how reishi can plump the skin, making it feel supple and appear youthful.


When beta-glucans work with the natural anti-inflammatory properties of reishi, the appearance of acne, redness, and eczema can be greatly reduced.  Additionally, it’s loaded with vitamin D and B3, superior ingredients for anti-aging and protection against environmental stressors, shielding you from pollutants.


To use: Massage one pump into face, neck, and décolletage daily, after cleansing skin and using chaga serum.  



Reishi Face Oil


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